Celebrate the Small Things 7

For this week’s celebrate the Small Things


I survived the wmof!
I’m celebrating that. Now 4 the weekend. I’m kind of exhausted and mind blown.
Here’s some pics.


Cardinal Tagle at the final talk greets people.


Our Lady of knots. People write prayers on ribbons and tie them and pray for prayers they see.


Gay rights advocates with signs and heartrending testimony at a meeting.


From the women’s ordination conference which I also attended the (in)famous theresa Kane prepares to share what she’d say to pope Francis.

Tomorrow I will be at the festival and Sunday am volunteering at the papal mass. So excited. Philly is crazy now!

OK one more pic.
Selfie from wmof 1st day.


OK one more. From exhibit at the library an antique pocket quran.


Celebrate the Small Things #6

Celebrate blog hop

For this week’s Celebrate the Small Things, I am scheduling this one ahead of time because on Friday – yes! – I’ll be heading to Philadelphia for a pre-conference conference. (I’m super excited about this one even though it means leaving early in the morning!)

Other things I’ve accomplished this week are finishing a draft of a short story and getting roofer and landscaper scheduled. Got circuit breaker box repaired – and well lots of house stuff. But everything should be good to go before winter! Even if it’s costing – a lot of money. I really need to get a lot of freelancing done and/or snag a permanent position to keep up with the bills, cuz yikes!

How has your week been? Will likely be incommunicado for most of this coming week but will respond to comments asap!


Celebrate the Small Things #5

Celebrate blog hop

So here’s my post for Celebrate the Small Things, where once a week we share a few things we’ve accomplished in the past week.

It’s been an interesting week. I 1) had my bathroom done (yay!), 2) visited with my dad who is now out and about – although tired – and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch  and 3) spent the week taking care of house and writing stuff. I got a new short story up and running, wrote several articles for pay, and am getting back on track, hopefully.

Did I mention my bathroom is finally done??? I also have roofers and landscape people giving me estimates. Any day now this house really will start to feel like a home.

How’s your week been?

Celebrate the Small Things #4

Celebrate blog hopHere’s my fourth post for Celebrate the Small Things! As often Friday mornings in a bit of a rush, well as usual on most mornings most of the time, but here’s what I can come up with thus far!

  1. Finally, I got someone to remodel my bathroom. I ditched the former guy and got new people who are willing to do a much simpler job for somewhat less. I am so relieved and tense. As I type this, they are supposed to show up in about ten minutes.
  2. Made it to work every day this week.
  3. Made it to the gym every day
  4. Started work on a short story for the IWSG contest. (Although I’m probably going to submit one I wrote a while ago, I’m flexing my muscles! Unfortunately, that story was lost and will have to be found or rewritten but … I can do that. Sure.)
  5. Did edits on my novel.
  6. Got started reading a new novel Cycle of Arawn, which started out really slow (almost gave up on it tbh!) but now it’s starting to get kind of interesting now.
  7. My dad is now OUT OF REHAB!! (He was in the hospital then rehab). He has to go to the doctor every day but he is so happy to be out. Going to visit him tomorrow for a few hours because we have to tone down Labor Day celebrations a little bit but still planning to get together. I’m so relieved. They were saying he would have to be in for much longer and he was seriously despirited by that.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

IWSG: Art Reflects (on) Life


So here’s my post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, led by the inimitable Alex Cavanaugh, who has promised us a surprise today.  (I’ll admit it, my curiosity is piqued!)


Up until this moment, I had no idea what I was going to say for this month’s post.  Literally. I just deleted a draft entitled “IWSG: I Don’t Know What to Say.”

Then, I wrote a guest post which caused me to come face to face with myself, and as a result changed my plans for the immediate future. Because I realized – I need to pursue this line of thinking for real, in real life. Sometimes, writing – and reading – can do that to us.

In undergrad, a creative writing professor (who didn’t think much of the fantasy genre) once told me that Fantasy fiction was Freudian,  a way of releasing certain pent-up urges, and of living in an escapist fantasy. In a bad way.

But, really, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with fiction that lets us tap into our deepest desires and make them real? Sometimes we need to escape – for a while – to get a fresh perspective.

Have you ever written something and then stared at your own words, realizing what those words had to say about you, what you were thinking at that moment?

That’s what happened to me this past month – and maybe that’s why I need to write, why I’m terrified of writing, and why I cannot seem to stop. Some may say that life imitates art, but I am starting to think that perhaps art reflects on life, digging deep, showing us old truths in new ways and revealing parts of ourselves we didn’t even realize we were hiding, parts of ourselves in desperate need of the light of day.