MFTS – Really, Where DID They Go?

My entry for Monday’s Finish the Story. It’s been a while, and I’ve been carrying this story around in my head all week. Love the picture Babs!

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“Where did they all go?”

Colonel Malcolm Winter III stared blankly out at the empty desert. Where had the Indians gone?

Perhaps they simply did not want to fight anymore, and had moved yet again.


Shaking his head, director Charles P. Tucker, said, “Get him some water and….” He groaned, standing up from his chair to stalk away for a second. “His lines,” he muttered as he stomped. “And – I don’t know, maybe a new actor.”

This was the last time Jeremy was going to let his agent talking him into doing this kind of on-location filming.

Not to mention, he could almost swear he saw – just there – past the stagehands fluttering around him, a ghostly image. Had there really been Native Americans living here at one time?

Maybe it was the heat talking. Okay, it was definitely the heat talking, but he really did wonder, where had they come from, where did they go?


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