Celebrate the Small Things

This is my first post for Celebrate the Small Things, a new blog hop I just joined wherein we post what we’ve accomplished this week and share the positive energy.

  1. I joined this wonderful group! Seriously, it’s helping me to put a positive spin on the week. I can feel it working already!
  2. I went to the gym every day this week. In the process I found out that the closest branch of the gym had recently moved to this new location AND it is awesomer than it was before. (On the list of Cable channels, they say they have A&E but it’s REALLY BBC America – which means, yes, Doctor Who!!! This only makes me love them more.)
  3. I made it to work everyday and worked (which I always consider a blessing.) I even got to visit the Governor’s Office. I got to ride up in the elevator with people who were there as tourists. All I could think was: I’m being paid to do this, and that was fun. Got pictures!2015-08-13 14.29.25

And that’s pretty much it! I did some editing on my novel, and am going to finish this darned flash fiction I’ve been carrying in my head all week and only just started to write – but wanted to get this out first. But I have also been doing writerly stuff, too!

Also, doing a lot of walking and enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Harrisburg. It has been a good week.

5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things

  1. Congrats on doing so well with gym visits! Yay for Whovians! The pic is great – so fancy in the Governor’s digs, huh? Thanks for joining the CTST hop and have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

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