Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hopOkay I’m officially really, really behind this week. Here’s my post for Celebrate the Small Things, helmed by Lexa Cain where every week we get together to celebrate and stay positive!

This week, I have a few things to celebrate, writing wise. Keeping up with my Nano Numbers at 29616 today. Had a number of clients accept short pieces this week (4 business writing and 1 ghostwritten novella) with the result that I’ll actually make enough to pay the bills this month. Also, I’m back at work editing another novel.

A couple more cute kitten pictures. I have officially named the kittens Duke and Jasmine. They’re getting bigger and cuter and able to jump much higher than you’d think so there is nothing safe in the house anymore..

2015-11-10 20.24.08What is that? Duke wonders.

Oh that’s the human again taking pictures of us. Back to nap time in between those old closet doors and the roll of paper towels you left on the counter where we couldn’t possibly get to it (haha!) and which we have decided to make our own.

2015-11-10 20.24.29

Celebrate the Small Things #2

Celebrate blog hop

My accomplishments this week:

  1. Got a flash fiction story written. Have another that I will get done today!
  2. Made it to work every day (yay). Nothing so exciting this week, but still I was there.
  3. Visited my dad in the hospital on Saturday and made him smile with a balloon and a card. Going to visit him again tomorrow.
  4. Edited “the novel,” a little bit.
  5. Finally read (well, listened to) Harper Lee’s new book. I had a lot of deep thoughts from it. To be honest, I’d been putting this one off, dreading it even, but when I listened to it I realized how brilliant it really was and that Harper Lee is dealing with deep subjects like paternalism and the need to take down our idols.
  6. Last but not least, I remembered to write a Friday post!!

Celebrate the Small Things

This is my first post for Celebrate the Small Things, a new blog hop I just joined wherein we post what we’ve accomplished this week and share the positive energy.

  1. I joined this wonderful group! Seriously, it’s helping me to put a positive spin on the week. I can feel it working already!
  2. I went to the gym every day this week. In the process I found out that the closest branch of the gym had recently moved to this new location AND it is awesomer than it was before. (On the list of Cable channels, they say they have A&E but it’s REALLY BBC America – which means, yes, Doctor Who!!! This only makes me love them more.)
  3. I made it to work everyday and worked (which I always consider a blessing.) I even got to visit the Governor’s Office. I got to ride up in the elevator with people who were there as tourists. All I could think was: I’m being paid to do this, and that was fun. Got pictures!2015-08-13 14.29.25

And that’s pretty much it! I did some editing on my novel, and am going to finish this darned flash fiction I’ve been carrying in my head all week and only just started to write – but wanted to get this out first. But I have also been doing writerly stuff, too!

Also, doing a lot of walking and enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Harrisburg. It has been a good week.