IWSG: Your Words Made a Difference

This is the first Wednesday in July and therefore it is time to post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where once a month we have this wonderful blog hop to share insecurities, tips, encouragement on the writing journey. This month, the group is asking us all a question: what is the best thing that […]

Celebrate the Small Things

It’s Friday and that means it is time to Celebrate! I am celebrating getting slightly ahead of the curve and (mostly) writing this the day before. 🙂 I have a new garage door that actually opens and closes automatically. This is a small thing which is now nearly a year in the making due to […]

Celebrate the Small Things

Okay it’s been a month since I’ve posted so I feel like Celebrate the Small Things Friday is more like an entire month. My dad turned 80 and we had a lovely surprise party. He also has received a completely unsolicited offer for our childhood home which is a bittersweet blessing because it is time […]

Celebrate the Small Things

  This week for Celebrate the Small Things I am celebrating: Getting lots of writing done. 2. Getting a free Cinco de Mayo t-shirt from Moe’s (one of my favorite chain eateries ever!) I got there at opening time and there was literally a line around the store. Someone had even brought lawn chairs to […]

IWSG: May the 4th Be With You!

AND Happy IWSG Day AND Happy Star Wars Day! Today is also Jane Jacobs and my mother’s birthday. (I only knew the first one because of Google.) Today is also a day for me to celebrate those who made it through the A-Z Challenge and all the inspiration I got personally from that great communal […]

Celebrate the Small Things

It’s Friday again and that means time to post those things we’re celebrating this week, as part of a blog hop led by Lexa Cain. This week, I have several things to celebrate. Made it to the gym/outdoor cardio every day this week. Yesterday I got to go for a fun walk at Wildwood Park. […]

The Artist

Whenever she pictured him, he held A brush in his hand, mouth pursed in thought. Together, they imagined universes and colors and sound like the Delicate cool blue whirl of the pulsar like the ocean at the heart of every star. Whenever she pictures him, colors stain his fingers, Many colors swirled in a chaotic […]

IWSG: Find Your Voice

Well, here is February. Like many people in my local area, I’m a bit cabin-feverish. I’ve managed to dig out my driveway, cutting a path through the snow drifts, but the roads are scary,  reduced to 1 1/2 lanes at unexpected, brake-hitting moments. I find myself only going out when absolutely necessary. I have had […]

IWSG: Happy 2016!

Happy IWSG Day and Happy 2016! As I write those words I can hardly believe them. When did 2016 happen? Where did 2015 go? As I look back on the past year and forward to the year to come I see lessons learned, writing done, so much more to do. How was your year? Any […]

Celebrate the Small Things

Here’s my post for Celebrate the Small Things, where every Friday we celebrate our accomplishments for the week, and I have to be honest, it has been a while – and I’m kind of wiped this week. My dad just got out of the hospital again and is in rehab, which is something to celebrate […]