FF: Fantasy vs. Reality

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

In my dreams, an editor will read my precious story, a jewel of 2,000-ish words, filled with luxurious descriptions and a finely-honed plot. They will read it and think: this story is perfect. Any publication would be honored to receive and publish such an incredible story. Please, allow us to publish your work unedited, they will say.

In reality, an editor opens my story, glances at it quickly and thinks, great, another story about unicorns. We already have a story about unicorns by an established author. With some professional editing, the submission could be highly readable and fun. But, we don’t need any more unicorn stories.

“Dear <authorname>, We receive hundreds of submissions a day. Unfortunately…”


This week’s prompt from Rochelle and Roger is (I think) about facing our fears and/or things waiting in mailbox. Here is (one of) my greatest fears involving things waiting in mailboxes to be (deep breath) read. And, that’s Real Writer Talk.

20 thoughts on “FF: Fantasy vs. Reality

  1. The sad truth, to which I can attest from being a slush reader, is that editors aren’t looking for reasons to accept a submission. They’re looking for reasons to reject it

  2. Dear Anne,

    I recently post this quote on twitter: “Wanting to be a writer and not wanting to be rejectedis like wanting to be a boxer and wanting to get punched.” I didn’t coin it, but I certainly relate. It’s all part of being a serious author. 😉 Well written piece of “fiction.”



  3. One day when you reach into that dreaded mailbox with trepidation, you might just find the wait was worth it. Keep following your dream Anne. You never know. Great take on the prompt.

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