IWSG: So, That Actually Happened

This is my post for IWSG Day, where once a month us other than entirely secure writers post a little about our current place in the writing journey.

Here’s where I’m at in December.

A couple days ago, I typed THE END on my NaNo rough draft, knowing I would have to go to work the next day. So I thought….

I was at work for a few hours on Monday when I found out I had to go home and quarantine because of a possible exposure on the 19th, before Thanksgiving.

I am fine, other than being crazy as ever, but “an abundance of caution” was mentioned several times.

In a surreal year, this is one of the strangest things yet. A week ago, I would be freaking out (probably.) Now I’m … technically still in the two-week quarantine period but obviously not dying or anything. I have been careful, yet I was at risk (without even knowing it!) because I was doing my job. Yeah. It makes me appreciate our healthcare workers even more.

See the source image
Also, librarians and all those who help us stay sane ❤

I finished a draft, though. That also happened, on Sunday. And, I love the story, even if no one else ever does. It will need revision if I decide to release it into the wild – after sitting with it for a while.

Now, time to read books, pet my cats, have some hot cocoa – with marshmallows. While my rough draft sits. And my subconscious broods. Or does whatever it does when I’m not looking….

Thinking beautiful thoughts

Did you Nano this year? Either way, how was your November?

Wishing all a good December.

13 thoughts on “IWSG: So, That Actually Happened

  1. I will probably need a lot of courage to take up Nano…And so I think that all those who dare to attempt are awesome. Well done on that one.
    Stay safe while you stay home. Glad things are under control. Take care!

  2. I don’t do Nano, just because my writing time is so irregular I can’t commit to that many words in short period.

    And I did two COVID tests last month. The first one was nerve-wracking, the second time was just annoying (both were negative, fortunately).

  3. Sorry aIt must have been worrying to be told you needed to quarantine – but better to be cautious than risk spreading it further.

    Well done on finishing your Nano draft!

  4. Congrats on completing NaNo! It is such an achievement. And I hope that you remain healthy and well, despite the COVID exposure.

  5. I passed on NaNo this year. Congratulations on completing your first draft, and good luck with edits. I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of the holidays, and some more writing time. Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh hey, we’re quarantine buddies! My exposure was around the same date as yours! It was either the 17th or 18th. The first few days of this I just felt silly, staying at home when I didn’t feel sick at all. But then symptoms started creeping up on me. One of the really scary things about this is that I thought I was doing my absolute best to stay safe, but nothing can protect you 100%.

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