You Should Know

There was something I was really supposed to tell you. I remember writing it down somewhere.  Was it on my iPhone? No… I forgot to charge the stupid thing again  last night. I didn’t have my journal at the time, so it couldn’t have been my journal either. Agh, where did I write it down? […]

Xanthippe’s Side

There are two things that I would like to take a moment to clarify – well, at least two. First, Socrates my husband would have been nothing without me. I was the real brains of the operation. Have you ever heard of the Socratic method? Yeah, it should probably be called the Xanthippic method – […]


I’m not angry. I’m not even sad anymore. I am simply riddled with invisible bruises, like how a long ago broken arm twinges before a storm. Why were you so cruel? Were you insecure, not ready to have a child, blaming yourself for my faults, real and imagined? I stand by your grave like standing […]

The Unicorn Speaks: An Open Letter

  For the record, unicorns are real. We’re not all white and we don’t all have shiny silver horns but otherwise it is all true. Some might categorize us as a special breed of horse with a unique trait: the horn thing. Some of us have wings, but that doesn’t mean we call each other […]

Think About It

Yeah, I was paying attention. I know what you’re planning to do and have a pretty good idea why. I’d like to say something like “good luck” and “see you when you get back.” I’d even like to try again to talk you out of this. Instead, I just want to point out – one […]


It’s an old story, old perhaps as time. My world changed the day we met and I can never quite figure out how. Mom pressured me to go spend time with you, because “you never know how long you’ll have.” I hated the smell, the cloying perfume and flowers, the crowded collection of photos and […]


One day, you will know how it feels to be the Outcast, The one whispered and tittered about, as you walk the gauntlet of public opinion on the way to class, or your job, or whatever. One day you’ll know how that feels, but You will never know how it feels to speed across deserts, […]


You are the only person I ever knew who kept a pet raven. The black lipstick and nail polish were nice, sexy even, but the raven? That was just weird. I love Edgar Allen Poe. You love Edgar Allen Poe. I don’t love the extra money I’d have to pay for rent if you and […]