W is for Witches

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter W

“We really need to find some other place to meet,” Susan says, sniffing distastefully at the air.

“But this is the place the Goddess revealed to us in a vision.” Meghan says.

“She might not have meant this swamp – or any swamp. It could all be symbolic.”

“For crying out loud,” Xavier says. “Let’s just do the spell already, so we can all go home. Next time, maybe we’ll meet somewhere different. Like my new house- which we are here to invite Her blessings upon. Remember???”

Meanwhile, the pixie sisters watch from inside their hovel. “Stupid witches,” Diminutia says. “They see one little vision and assume we want them here all the time.”

“I warned you, Dim. Invite a human over one time, and next thing you know they’re here every day.”

“We should curse them.”

“Rule of Three, Dim, rule of three. Keep it positive now.”

“I am positively annoyed that they keep coming here with incense and candles.”

Author’s note: Rule of Three is the Wiccan religious idea that if you do something with magic, for good or ill, you’ll get the same back threefold. If you send negative energy out into the world you get it back threefold. I like to think this is true with or without magic involvement. I do think there is truth to this in that if you live positively, you tend to create a positive environment and vice versa. I try really hard to stay positive, like the plus side of a battery!

7 thoughts on “W is for Witches

  1. How I wish your Rule of Three were true, but I’m afraid, more often than not, it doesn’t turn out that way. So many nasty people flourish, while too many nice people suffer.

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