A-Z Day of Rest

Wow, I forgot what a crazy thing A-Z challenge is. I know I’ve missed some comments and also I’m reaching that point where it is hard to keep track of all the fun blogs I’ve run across. I keep wanting to make a personal list of blogs I definitely want to check every day, but it would be so long.

I’ve seen some of the myths behind the Major Arcana of tarot, great spiritual insights from people who think wonderfully different/same from me, poetry, fiction, fan fiction/art, and so much more. I just wanted to pause and say wow. Because, wow. You all are awesome. Hope everyone has a peaceful day off. Sending positive energy to all. ❤

…Okay mostly scheduling this post for Sunday because 1) need day off and 2) because WordPress tells me I’m on a 6 day streak and I’m wondering if I get anything cool for a 7 day streak.

I am totally out of deep thoughts. But never out of positive energy and online smudge sticks. Definitely taking the weekend to regroup. I mean it. Maybe read a couple more things in between working on my April writing projects….

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5 thoughts on “A-Z Day of Rest

  1. You won’t get anything cool from word press, just an acknowledgment! I’m on a 34 day streak on my poetry blog and I just don’t want to break it!

    1. The acknowledgment is pretty fun though, right? I’m torn between posting stuff just to post it and … not doing that. Going to go look at your poetry now!

    2. If you read this, your gravatar leads to the A-Z you had to leave, the one about a historical study on the Edelweiss women which sounded really interesting. I’d love to look at your poetry blog but don’t seem to have that link. Anyway, hope you have a great day.

  2. Enjoy your day off. I’ve enjoyed some of your stories this morning and will read the rest later. Great work Anne! You may not get anything from WP for the streak, but I’m sure you feel the reward.

  3. Hari Om
    I have to admit, as the evening of Sunday approaches here, that I have slept a good bit of the day away!!! (Who’s silly idea was it to run three blogs AND Instagram with this nonsense…???) I made the decision quite early on to limit my additional blog count for the month to a dozen… and of those already four have dropped out, two never got started, and of the remaining six, I can see three which I shall continue following and building rapport with post-April… you being on of those! I love your imagination, your exploration and your engagement. Enjoy the rest of your day. YAM xx

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