D is for Death

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter D
Peaceful Passing Quotes

Lesha, New York City’s newest angel, received her first solo assignment with a nervous flutter in her almost-human heart. It would be her job to corral a newly-deceased soul from earth to the afterlife. From what other angels had told her, the passage could be easy, but it could also be very tricky.

The soul belonged to one Marianne Walters, a widow who died in her sleep, alone and unknown. Among her many small tasks, Lesha took care to alert neighbors through a “vague feeling” that they should check on the woman and make sure she was okay. As for Marianne, the gray-haired woman met Lesha in a confused state, still staring down at her own body.

“Are you the … Blessed Mother?” the woman asked. Marianne made the sign of the cross over her ghostly chest.

“No,” Lesha said. “Just a humble servant. Like her in that way, I guess, but I’m not her. Just an angel. Anyway, I’m supposed to take you to heaven. So, if you could just come with me…”

“Will Frank be there?”

Lesha quickly checked the file. Frank, Marianne’s husband was indeed in heaven already. “Yes. It looks like he is. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll wind up together.”

“I’m ready to go then.”

Well, that was easy. Would they all be this easy? “Come with me, then. I think you’ll like heaven a lot.”


This is the fourth of my four-blog series on a new earth-visiting angel, but I have more flash fiction to come for the rest of April!

RIP Rich Mullins (Oct 21, 1955 – Sep 19, 1997). Pray for us.

10 thoughts on “D is for Death

  1. My father died in his sleep with a book. No previous illness, no nothing. People say it is the death of a saint, but it was a severe shock to my mother.

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