Happy Resurrection Day

Ostara aka Easter actually happened a few weeks ago at the Spring Equinox, so Happy Resurrection Day.

Come on Christian invaders! If you’re going to steal our holy days at least do it right. Is what I might say if I were a modern-day polytheist with a northern hemisphere, temperate climate based pantheon that I may or may not be trying to expand in order to be more diverse in my eclecticism and therefore open to other pagan faith traditions different from my own. Come on Gardnerians, this is not ALL about you. You don’t get to define what it means to be “really Wiccan” for the rest of us.

If that sounded like a bunch of strange words, then you’re doing 21st century Christianity wrong. Haha. Kidding. I know, you have other things on your mind like March Madness brackets and who was wearing what on Dancing with the Stars last night. To each their own.

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I think of this meme now and again when normal people annoy me in that special way.

Guess where I was yesterday, Internet, and guess where I’m planning to be tonight at around 8PM? That’s right. The stupid organized religion I said I was done with.

Here is what I feel like all the time with God and with the Church. I feel like when I used to work in IT, not even in tech support but if you are in IT sooner or later you wind up doing tech support. Someone calls you up to say their computer “isn’t working.”

Me: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Them: Yes. I am not completely stupid.

Me: I would never say that out loud. I mean, haha, of course not. I will be right over.

And then, right? Everyone knows this story. You head over to the person’s desk and somehow everything magically starts working again. I mean, okay there are real problems you can actually solve – sometimes. I did not need to go to IT school to know how to do that.

Now I can go back to reading my book. I mean doing that important training where I find out if Maria does wind up with Rodolpho. Because IT people are people too and we don’t have the same warm fuzzy feelings for your computer that we do for imaginary people’s love lives. And our own. That too! But that’s private.

Relationship with God, I understand.

Here is something my human mind doesn’t understand: why I should go to this or that church or why I “feel led” to call that person on the phone at what they will later tell me was the “perfect time” and I believe them because things like that happen to me all the time. Right person. Right time.

I always find it especially amusing when it’s a total unabashed atheist who speaks (what seems to be) a word from God for me. I often have all kinds of questions about how they got here and why they felt led, I mean “just happened” to say that thing in that moment. If there’s time and it doesn’t seem rude, I ask those questions – and that is usually when things get really interesting. Did you know that atheists are human beings too? They have their own internal thought worlds, and some of them are great places to visit.

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I mean who can figure that stuff out, right?

Main salient points I need to underline.

  1. No, Catholic priests/bishops/popes don’t have any special power to speak for God or forgive sins above and beyond normal people. Only God can do that, because you need to be omniscient/have reliable access to omniscience to “do God.” Otherwise, you’re just guessing. You don’t really know.
  2. While some people in positions of religious authority are in fact entitled jerks at least some of the time, they are also all human. We all make mistakes. We are all in this process of learning to do better.
  3. It takes great courage to “speak for” God for the right reasons. God will honor that, whatever your position or title. I believe that with all my heart. And, we are all works in progress. Be thou interesting.
  4. We all have the power to forgive sins, to try to break the cycle of sin and recrimination, wherever we may be, to model mercy and forgiveness to others without being doormats/enablers of other people’s wrongs.

I really needed to understand and parse that all out, because this is Really Important. It is important to accept the carefully guarded freedom of God’s will. It’s also important to me to say things like, no, I get it, you want to protect other people from themselves. Just understand, that sometimes the people we need to protect ourselves from is you and whatever you think makes you better than other people while speaking in the name of someone who did not in fact start every conversation with, “Excuse me, peasant. That’s Lord Jesus to you.” Because, what???

I’m looking at you, religious fundamentalists and rabid secularists of all faith traditions and none. Let’s talk like civilized people. Then, we can go back to killing each other – if that is still what we really want to do.

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Exactly. No, wait a minute….
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Now, I need to go do some A-Z blog reading and enjoy the nice weather. Maybe at the same time. But God, who is a real person to me, really wanted me to say this, get this off my chest, whatever. Yeah, who knows. Of all my non-paying clients, God/my inner whatever always has the most annoying “what did you really mean by this” briefs. Worse than the client who is like “can you write a website about cats.” And when you ask for more information – because you know there’s more – they mean the construction vehicle company.

If I didn’t love God so much, I would make a really good atheist. I swear. Also, Dawkins never responded to my telepathic fan letter. I’m still really chuffed by that. Is he even a real atheist? How dare he tell the rest of us how to atheist when he has no idea what I’m actually thinking!



2 thoughts on “Happy Resurrection Day

  1. My girls and I haven’t been to church in a while, like, years, because of politics that happened there. It’s not a condemnation of that lifestyle, or of religion, or of, God and Jesus and all. But today, without a service or mumbling psalms in unison or the messages of hope, we all had a good, Jesus-y day of love and I think he woulda liked it.

    I like your writing style. Glad to have found you through the A to Z Challenge.

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