Letter to God: Scopes Redux

Hi again, eternal divine being(s) known as God,

Okay so here’s the thing about plans. I think we might need to talk, really talk, more often than once a day because obviously this isn’t working. Yesterday while outside enjoying the gorgeous weather I filled up two sides of a blank envelope because I got “inspired” to write the Murder Hornets post. By inspired, I mean absolutely positively had to write that down before I could simply enjoy my time outside in the sun.

My mind is running on all cylinders again. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I really need to do yardwork today. And chill a little.

Today, my metaphor for the day is that 2020 feels like the Scopes Monkey Trial, except this time the monkey seems to be winning.

Like okay, the whole Roman Catholic Church conversation started with me saying that education is important, the teachings about the human race and their value to God, how humans should behave. That way we at least know what we are supposed to be doing – so we have some kind of baseline.

As reality is continuing to unfold to me – because thanks reality for keeping it real – I can see that just because people know what they are supposed to do, that doesn’t mean they are going to do it. Bread and circuses trumps logic every time. I’m still not talking about the Eucharist, but I kind of am. I know this is – among other things – your way of training the human brain to say, okay everybody stop a sec.

The things we consider important, not so much. Let me show you how the immortal and eternal God keeps himself/herself entertained. By taking something infinitely big and putting it into something so small you almost wouldn’t notice – unless you were really paying attention. So, really, pay attention.

Otherwise, all you’re going to see is the sideshow, the dancing clown and … Australia.

Is Australia even a real place? Has anyone ever been to Australia?

If you let yourself get distracted by the sideshow, you’ll miss the part where someone somewhere just forced something considerably larger than a camel through a space (proportionally speaking) much smaller than the eye of a needle when compared to an actual camel. Yeah, I don’t really get it either. That’s why I’m 100% sure it is you, Yeshua aka second person of the trinity. None of us have ever entirely understood you.

All I know is that whatever this is, it’s going to be good.

By the way, I’d vote you in for president any day. But first, you’d have to be a natural-born citizen of the United States. Also, it would help if you were white and married. Also, that simple sincerity and utter lack of diplomacy isn’t really working for you. You need a better platform. Let’s talk. I mean about how much I love you just the way you are. Whew. Dodged a blasphemy bullet there.

With love,

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