Letter to God: You Had Me at Murder Hornets

Hi again God, I was going to take the rest of the day off, but I keep thinking: you had me at murder hornets. Here’s how I found about the murder hornets from China, as You will recall. First, one friend said something about the murder hornets from China. I told her to stop believing […]

Letter to God: Checking In Again

Hi again Abba/Father, Still not feeling in a super-great place but I’m feeling better today and wanted to write that out along with I am going to try adding prayer and writing these letters to my daily schedule, at least until I get my *regular* job back. Since writing fiction (my original 1:00 task) was […]

Letters to God: Coping

Dear God, Okay, whew, that last letter got really intense. I keep saying I’m going to write about the Eucharist, but I’m thinking maybe not. Right now, I’m trying to … feel human again. Yesterday, I was talking to my friend in New Jersey as you know. It was good to talk to someone of […]

Letter 5: Prayers for the Jewish People

Dear God, Sigh. I’m definitely going to get fired now. Well if I actually had an actual job as opposed to this odd penchant for letters. Well, I do have an actual job whenever the library reopens. I miss my humble yet perfect library job so much right now. I hope none of them ever […]

Letter 4 – It’s an Emergency! To the Library!

Dear God, I am using Buffy the Vampire Slayer humor, so you know this must be serious. I only rely on Buffy humor for a Level 4 or above emergency. Kidding. There are no codes. Our world is in trouble right now. I was going to talk about the Eucharist today – but haha – […]