Letter to God: Scopes Redux

Hi again, eternal divine being(s) known as God, Okay so here’s the thing about plans. I think we might need to talk, really talk, more often than once a day because obviously this isn’t working. Yesterday while outside enjoying the gorgeous weather I filled up two sides of a blank envelope because I got “inspired” […]

IWSG: Springspiration!

It’s the first Wednesday in May and so far what a month it is. Due to the weird weather we’ve been having in the Northeastern United States, I keep having these dreams lately that we have snow in May – and I mean a lot of snow. Last night, I dreamed we were having a […]

IWSG: Writing Is

I decided to be a little lyrical with this one. Sorry I’m posting it late, but with work, moving and a bout of poison ivy I’ve been going a little crazy lately.. Anyway, here’s my post. …… Writing is hard, I say in passing, as if talking about something not that important to me, really. […]