Z is for Zero Sum Game

My last post for the A-Z Challenge! It’s been real. 🙂 Eventually, I am going to have to get caught up on reading all the other posts. And sincere apologies for that. I’ve been struggling, especially toward the end, to try to be able to read – and really read and not just sort of […]


My very last cross-post for Friday Fictioneers and A-Z Challenge. I’m feeling a little mixed-feeling-ish. This photo reminded me a little of Baltimore, MD, where I was visiting last Friday. The city is in my thoughts and prayers. You The time has come for us to part ways, but that’s okay. Wind tousles my hair, […]

X is for Xanadu

All right, this is my true next to next to last post for A-Z Challenge. Apparently (you may not have known this, as apparently I’d “forgotten”) but apparently April has 30 days AND there is a letter between X and Z. That letter is Y, as in Why did I agree to write 26 posts […]

The Five W’s

The Five W’s Who: Five aliens from Planet X What: Will be visiting us today. Where:  The main lobby, with additional seating space if needed. When: Noon, 4/27/2015. Why: To discuss plans for colonization and subjugation of our planet. Notice: Please arrive promptly. Your obedience is appreciated and will be rewarded accordingly. …. This is […]

V is for Victory

After hours which felt like days, after the long struggle, panting, Joey reached into the cookie jar at about the same time that the stool on top of the chair toppled over. He fell to the ground with a series of loud crashes, slightly bruised on his knee, but – he held it, his prize, […]

T is for The Cross

For today’s A-Z Challenge post, I’ve decided to write something a little different. Possible trigger warning due to non-graphic reference to a violent act. The Cross I nearly died. Only 13 years old, you left me for dead by the railroad tracks, where no one could hear my screams. How could you know I would […]

S – Still Here

Every night for a thousand years, I visited you alone in your cell. I was entranced by your beauty, black hair glistening on alabaster skin, the thin threads like gossamer cloth on your flesh I wanted to touch. My night time visit became a check-in. I could not believe it. Every time I walked by, […]

R – Ready or Not

Ready or Not So, there I was in bed, gazing up at the ceiling, so, so sad because my friends had forgotten my birthday. Suddenly, the house started moving. At first I thought it was an earthquake. I leapt up and ran to the window, staring out at bleak January light, and a crane bearing […]

Q is for Questions

Okay, I have GOT to stop saying “I’ll get caught up over the weekend” and write all my A-Z Challenge posts ahead of time. Especially when the weather is SO NICE out it would be like a mortal sin to waste it. Running behind again! Sorry the prose will probably be rushed but I’ve got […]