Epitaph, Genre: Surreal Fantasy, 100 words

Tamsin hands the putty knife to Epona, her daughter.

“It is time,” Tamsin says.


“Those candles had to give their lives so we could see. Now they need us to melt them down and remake them, with fresh string and new forms. They will speak to us in new voices.”

“In Beauty and the Beast Lumiere never died.”

For many centuries their family had worked sorcery. Why did she have to be the first to deal with animated Disney objects?

“Honey, you know Lumiere wasn’t real.”

“I know, mom.” Epona took the knife and began scraping bits of wax.

11 thoughts on “Epitaph

  1. Dear Anne,

    The idea of her having to deal with animated Disney objects amused me. A fun intro piece for you. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. As I do with all newbies, I feel it only fair to warn you that this is a highly addictive activity. 😉



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