Water from a dam

I am currently taking a class in poetry at Open University, How Writers Write Poetry I’ll be posting the favorite of my exercises on here. This week is sketching, 1-4 line poems.   Water thrown down from the dam, to Unseen depths, Splashes up further down the river.  

Come to the Water

To look upon the quiet pool by moonlightWill never tell what lies within. How leaf drifted down from tree,The pulses of the steady breeze,Tsunami as the earth quakes far away. Come into the water and feelLife in waves. Mysteries are revealedAs we descendAnd rise again. One day we will know why,The trials, the reason, the […]

Friday Fictioneers: The Tell-Tale….Something

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Mary Shipman Like the scent of some long-forgotten secret, the sound haunted Rodney’s dreams. When he woke, he could still hear it, even louder and more insistent. Thump-thump. Rodney went to the hidden compartment in the wall, stripping back the wallpaper. The tiny man wore a black top hat, a green suit […]

Haunted Life

In the ghostly silence Of a day that longs to come, I find Myself contemplating The wonder of it all. Speak to me Of friendly memories, Of welcome ghosts. Are you listening? Are you here? I am Comforted by (After the shock of) Believing. You are here.

Friday Fictioneers: A Matter of Perspective

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Ted Strutz My response to the weekly prompt on Friday Fictioneers, where every week we get together and write 100 word stories. It’s fun – and calorie-free. A Matter of Perspective The so-called dentist left the room for a second, giving Tony an opening, a chance to escape. Frantically, he looked around the […]

Friday Fictioneers: First Day at Work

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy My response to the weekly prompt at Friday Fictioneers, where every week we write 100 word stories, and have fun doing it. Title: First Day at Work, Genre: Slipstream Marvin was warned his new job would be high-stress, but he wanted to help people. On his first day, […]

IWSG: Time-Sinks & Other Black Holes

Insecure Writer’s Support Group My main fear in writing is that I may put a good deal of effort, and time, into this “hobby” only to discover, somewhat belatedly, that no one wants to read what I have written – and what was I thinking anyway? In my brain, how did I think this was […]