Everyday Beauty


Today is Beltane, May Day, the day to celebrate the oncoming warmth of summer. And what a beautiful day it is. All the world seems to be caught up in the push and pull of romance, of come here – and go away – and come here again.

Every day is gorgeous and threaded through with mystery.

Every day is full of awe and wonder. As I struggle with the task of putting ideas into words, I continually say and unsay, speak and unspeak.

Listen to what I say – but look at what I do. Don’t just look at what I do, but listen to what I say.

Today and every day, what a glorious, confusing, wonderful, conflicted and joyous day to be alive.

Summer can’t come soon enough, but I really wish it could stay spring forever.

2014-05-01 14.31.32

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