First Try is Hopefully the Charm


Insecure Writers Group

Okay, first I am pretty insecure about trying to post to this group.

This summer I’ve decided I’m going to get serious about writing and maybe even (gasp) being published. Personally, I cringe when people ask what I’m doing this summer – now that I’m about to graduate from this rather challenging, non-fiction-writing-related program. I dread one of those people reading this post, seeing the picture by my pen name, and knowing my weakness. I dread prospective readers of my works reading this post and thinking – oh, she’s a hack.

I find myself talking about regular, paid work in a loud, confident tone. And then saying in a low tone, also (haha) I am going to work on some fantasy fiction. If I really trust the person I might add – and it might be nice if I made some money from it some day. Not that this will ever happen, of course, but this is not just an idle hobby and it is actually really important to me.

I always wonder what other writers say or have said to family and friends when they ask … so, what you been up to? Especially if you don’t yet have anything concrete to show for it. But maybe even if you do – and you know they might not take it seriously.

In conclusion, if I got anything wrong in this post, I blame Gremlins, who – unlike my irrational fears – are of course real and are in fact out to get us.

6 thoughts on “First Try is Hopefully the Charm

  1. Hi Anne! Snap! I just wrote my IWSG post today about what other people say about us as writers. šŸ™‚ I always come back to the fact that no one other than another writer will ever actually appreciate how hard you work as a writer. Let’s face it, lots of folks want ‘to write a book one day’ but not many actually follow through with it. So kudos to you!

  2. Never let anyone squash your dream. If you write, you are a writer. We all have to start somewhere. I haven’t published yet. That is my goal for this year. My other blog, will be going back to what she was originally intended to be, a blog about my writing journey. If you go through it briefly, you will come to understand why I felt the need to start my second one.
    I have several works: short stories, a novel that is in mid-edit, a memoir that I am currently working on, and dozens of ideas fighting to get out of my head and onto a page. Be proud of your work and the sweat you put into it. Have a great night. Eva

  3. Everyone has insecurities. Anyone who claims they don’t is either delusional or full of crap.
    I never tell family members (except my son) about what I’m doing, because they’re a bunch of naysayers who shoot me down at every opportunity. None of them know the first thing about me. I got rid of all my backstabbing frenemies. Now I don’t worry about anyone finding out my secrets, because those who matter won’t mind, and those who will mind don’t matter.
    My Insecure Writer Whinge is here.

  4. Don’t worry about it. We all start with a dream, a bunch of insecurities, and nothing to show for it. My recommendation (which you can simply ignore if you don’t think it’ll work for you) is: Don’t tell anyone outside your closest circle about your writing. When they ask for details, you have none to spice your tale, which is all people want to hear. People have already a concept of how easy/difficult writing is, they have a romantic idea of how it works, and when you say “Oh, I haven’t published anything yet” they scoff at you. Who needs that kind of negativity? Instead, focus in what you want to write, subscribe to a writerly mag like The Writer, or Writer’s Digest. Every month when that mag gets to your mail, it reminds you of this group to which you want to belong. It tells you you are writer even if you haven’t been published, and it’ll help you feel less alone and lost. Keep at it through good and bad, and pretty soon you’ll have something to show. Best of luck!

  5. You’ll find more insecurities here than you can ever imagine, so you’ve joined the right group! I still don’t telll a lot of people that I’m writing, although I’ve let some more of my close friends know. Turns out one of them was trying to write a book too and I never knew. Glad you joined the IWSG!

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