IWSG: Springspiration!

It’s the first Wednesday in May and so far what a month it is. Due to the weird weather we’ve been having in the Northeastern United States, I keep having these dreams lately that we have snow in May – and I mean a lot of snow. Last night, I dreamed we were having a blizzard and I had to cancel plans because of it. That said, in reality, the weather has been great, finally getting a warm. For now….

This month’s optional IWSG question asks whether we write better in springtime. And absolutely! Actually, I do a lot of things a lot better in springtime, like spring cleaning, long leisurely walks, occasionally yard work. This year feels different though. Trees are finally starting to grow leaves but it’s taking them a while.

This spring feels, in a way, more so – because it’s been such a long time coming, and now I’m so glad it’s finally here. I hope. For real this time. (It may still start snowing again….)

How about you? Is it spring where you are? Does spring make you feel inspired?


Friday Fictioneers: Awakening

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Here’s my story for Friday Fictioneers. Am lagging again this week, sorry! For more stories, click the froggy:

Reluctantly, the weary soul rises from her long slumber, dusting the mist of ignorance from her sleep-encrusted eyes. At last free from the seemingly unending dungeon, the crystal clear colors of reality are at first too bright. Fearful, she flees, returning to the world she once knew, a world now pale, now lifeless, to her waking eyes.

Despondent, yet hopeful, she must learn the ancient lesson: truths learned can never be forgotten. Once awake, once truly awake, it is impossible to ever sleep again. Weary, but determined, she must turn and prepare to greet the day again.

Okay, this week I’ve been spending a lot of time researching Greek-influenced mystical works for a project in progress. This story is partly inspired by our beautiful photo, partly by Plato’s famous Cave, and partly by one of my favorite songs (which I’ve had on repeat play while waiting for this looong winter and my gloomy mood to end!)

Everyday Beauty


Today is Beltane, May Day, the day to celebrate the oncoming warmth of summer. And what a beautiful day it is. All the world seems to be caught up in the push and pull of romance, of come here – and go away – and come here again.

Every day is gorgeous and threaded through with mystery.

Every day is full of awe and wonder. As I struggle with the task of putting ideas into words, I continually say and unsay, speak and unspeak.

Listen to what I say – but look at what I do. Don’t just look at what I do, but listen to what I say.

Today and every day, what a glorious, confusing, wonderful, conflicted and joyous day to be alive.

Summer can’t come soon enough, but I really wish it could stay spring forever.

2014-05-01 14.31.32