Knife slices through butter with effortless grace.
Scents of garlic and thyme rise from the oven
Like teasing fingers, promising better to come.
I watch unnoticed in a corner until,
“If you’re going to stand there, you can help.”

I shake my head but come anyway,
As if pulled by invisible rope.

If I help cook, I can help taste test too, right?
You smile knowing exactly what I’m thinking.
(You always do.)

“Chop these up,” you say.

“Your wish is my command.”

“I know. That’s why you married me.”

“Because….” I grab a knife. “I could never resist.”


Friday Fictioneers: Support

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

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“I will stand by you no matter what.”

He first said those words years ago, never imagining that they could become so literal, while he leans on his wife for support.

Waves crash and recede in bubbling whispers around their bare feet, well, three feet, one plaster cast with a heel.

“Next time you say ‘don’t walk there, it’s icy,’ I promise I’ll listen.”

“You shouldn’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.”

“Never. Not once.” Then, he laughs.


“I love you. That’s all.”

“Yes. That is funny. I love you too.”

“Hilarious.” They stumble on, together.

Friday Fictioneers: Unexpected Beauty


PHOTO PROMPT – © Ted Strutz

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Unexpected Beauty

I was not expecting to fall in love that day. Neither were you.

My expectations: feel better about myself, share with those in need.

Your expectations: get some food in the midst of an unexpected emergency and hope no one you know sees you do it.


You never know when it could be you, or someone you love, or someone you can learn to love. Now every Tuesday, when we can, with our children when they’re old enough, we drive over to the soup kitchen to do our part to help a little bit.

Celebrate the Small Things

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I am way behind for this weeks post for Celebrate the Small Things, helmed by Lexa Cain, where every Friday we get together to celebrate the past week. But I have some good reasons, because I have some stuff to celebrate!

I have to be honest, I was feeling pretty down this week, due to a couple of (non-fiction) rejections. Despite the rejections, I was determined to continue submitting to this market, honestly afraid any second now they’re going to remove my access due to me doing so badly (and then what will I do for money right? – well there are plenty of freelance sites out there.) And I sold a piece this week for more than twice the normal rate! Like others have told me, rejections tend to come in spurts so not to let it get me down when a few happen in a row – but I was pretty down.

That’s not all. I just signed up for another freelance site and while I was there decided to post for a few jobs. AND I got hired to ghost-write (drum roll) a romance short story. A romance short story! So I’ve been working on that. It’s a tight deadline and I’m still doing NaNo as well, but it’s one of those opportunities too good to pass up.

I’m going to share a silly secret. When I was young, I was a big fan of Mercedes Lackey, including her Diana Tregarde series.


And in her Diana Tregarde series, the main character makes a living writing (drum roll) cheap and sleazy romance novels. And I always thought how great it would be to do that when I grew up. But how do you get a job like that? Now I know.

Oh and I’m still way ahead on my Nano novel too! Going great. And honestly, I don’t know if I’d have the guts to accept this assignment except that I was able to say yes – given an outline and character sketches, I can do 10,000 words in under a week, no problem. Because now I know I can. I’m finishing up the rough draft today and it’s due middle of next week which will give me plenty of time for edits because 10,000 words in 1 and a half days no problem for us NaNoWriMos right? Can you tell, I’m super excited?

One more piece of good news, the kittens made it to their first vet appointment, and they are healthy, 7-8 weeks old according to the vet. Despite being strays whose mommy left them, they are very well socialized and very well behaved according to the vet. I’m still struggling with names for them. I am thinking Duke or maybe Prince for the boy kitten because he likes to be in charge. For the girl kitten I’m thinking Jasmine, because she’s sweet but spicy! And then, I thought they could be Prince and Jasmine, like from Aladdin?

Maybe? Can’t decide!!

2015-10-30 11.41.21

Prince and Jasmine? Duke and Jasmine? What is the silly human going to name us already?

Wow, it’s been a surprisingly good week. How about you? How’s your week going? I’m super-psyched about ghost-writing a tawdry romance. I really am. This is like my dream job, literally. Now I’m kind of nervous I’m going to mess  it up. But, I’m okay. Really.

Upcoming Release: Like the Full Moon

A quick post to celebrate the upcoming release of It’s Like the Full Moon, by Glorie Townson, and to share her book cover contest. Which one do you like the best? (I like the third one best.) Glorie let me have a peek at a Digital ARC and I have to admit, pretty fun little romance. Read on for more.
See reviews, interviews, and follow this tour here.

Title: It’s Like the Full Moon
Series: Sayings Series 1
Author: Glorie Townson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reading Level: Adult
Content Rating: PG-13
Formats: paperback and ebook
Pages: 235
Rebecca has just turned thirty. She’s happy living a perfectly comfortable and predictable life. She’s even ready to marry her long-time boyfriend whenever he finally gets around to asking her. But all that changes when her best friend whisks her away to Italy for a much-needed vacation.
In the midst of site seeing and finally letting loose, Rebecca manages to catch the eye of a young English tourist; but doesn’t let it go to her head. By the time she’s back in the States and back in the arms of her long-time beau, Rebecca has already forgotten about Peter, Paten, Paul…whatever his name was, that is until he shows up at her brother’s cabin in the woods.
A life of normalcy, routine, and stability gets turned upside down as Rebecca decides whether or not she’s truly ready to get married. And if so, who is the one she’s really meant to be with?
This book is currently available for Pre-order as an ebook through Amazon.com and as a paperback direct from the author. Be sure to pre-order your copy at its reduced introductory rate and save your receipt number to earn extra entries into Glorie’s cool giveaway.

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Glorie Townson is more than just a pen name for the author, Toi Thomas; she’s an entirely different personality. Glorie is the softer side of Toi, who puts down her comic books and picks up a volume of Robert Frost poems. Like Toi, Glorie is happily married to her wonderfully supportive husband, and together they share a home with their pet turtle, Betty. This is Glorie’s first publication, but she’s already feeling the inspiration to pen another tale, to which she’ll gladly share with the world.



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PHOTO PROMPT – © Dee Lovering

PHOTO PROMPT – © Dee Lovering

My very last cross-post for Friday Fictioneers and A-Z Challenge. I’m feeling a little mixed-feeling-ish. This photo reminded me a little of Baltimore, MD, where I was visiting last Friday. The city is in my thoughts and prayers.


The time has come for us to part ways, but that’s okay. Wind tousles my hair, hand wrapped around the mast for balance as waves gently rock the boat.

How long will you be gone? I don’t know.

You are the one person who always understood me, the one I could always count on. I don’t want to go, but the sea winds call.

You step forward. Words, daggers on the wind, pierce my heart.

“I’m pregnant.”

Fully clothed, heedless, I sprint across the deck, jumping down into the water, headed back to the shore, to you.

S – Still Here


Every night for a thousand years, I visited you alone in your cell.

I was entranced by your beauty, black hair glistening on alabaster skin, the thin threads like gossamer cloth on your flesh I wanted to touch.

My night time visit became a check-in. I could not believe it. Every time I walked by, you were, yes, still there.

Slowly, we began to settle in, secret guests of the monks of Le Mont Saint Michel.


I visited always, and always, you were still there.

At times, I wondered if you were some ghost there to haunt us. I began to linger, to hear the silent whispers of your prayers. Ave Maria, gratia plena.

Years passed. Our associations with the kind monks evaporated from memory. We were forgotten in our darkness and I knew you must be one of us, some relic of a bygone age.

One by one and two by two,our companions left, ready now to enter a world which had become safe.

Meanwhile, in our island home, there were wars. Marauders. Fire. I pleaded with you as our city lay in ruins.

“Madame, it is not safe.  We must go,” I said. How many times did I plead with you?

And yet you were still, sitting there with only your lips moving in silent prayer.

At last, only we two were left.

Sometimes, I wonder, gazing out across the distance, if somehow you are still there, praying for us, for our souls – and if so oh, mon cherie, for how long?