FF: Open … Slowly

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Open … Slowly

She used to believe in love, in a white knight savior on a horse. Time came and stole her sweetness, tore off her aging petals, taught her better.

Years went by. Mighty oaks rose and fell. The river changed its ancient course, drifting slowly closer-

The rosebush’s trembling leaves awake. A single bud graces a single branch.

The wise gardener smiles softly as he walks away. Soon, a flower will open and perhaps, just perhaps, she will learn to trust herself. Perhaps, she will learn to love him back.

I have to say this week’s frog is so adorbs it makes me want to read ALL of the stories. Hello adorbs froggy! Thanks as ever to our fearless leader Rochelle for the stories and for sharing all the inspirational pics.

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