FF: I Do

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda


Once upon a time, I remember you said: always count the cost. No one starts major construction without first counting the cost.

Forever feels like a very long time to promise to anyone. My breath catches at the thought. Can we really do this? Really? Then, I remember. and I know: forever isn’t long enough, not really, to spend with the people you love.

Maybe marriage is not so much about holding on. It’s about all those times we need to let go, to make the leap, trusting our friends to catch us, one step at a time, all the way down into forever.

This prompt from Na’ama Yehuda and Rochelle inspired me to think ahead to another new year and to all the years beyond it. Happy 2021! (If you must party, party responsibly and/or without incriminating evidence.)

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11 thoughts on “FF: I Do

  1. Beautifully expressed vulnerability, but also the strength of steeping out, trusting in love to catch you. Hope the new year brings much love and joy, Anne, and unexpected rewards!

  2. Dear Anne,

    I remember when I had similar thoughts after getting engaged at 17, at senior prom, no less. I wondered if I really wanted to grow old with this guy. I guess the answer was yes since we recently celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary. You captured all those thoughts and feelings in your well written piece. Brava!

    Shalom and happy new year,


  3. It is lovely to read such belief in marriage. Of my four children, three have found lovely marriage partners, so I consider us blessed, despite my own not-so-good ones.

  4. You make such a good point — any relationship is something that you commit to building, to working on. It’s not just a piece of jewelry that you discard if it doesn’t work. But the first line worries me. Why was the other so adamant that they count the cost? Is this the right person? Very thought-provoking.

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