Music of My Soul

the music of my soul,
stop, start, in seeming unforgiving rhythm.

why? so hard, so precise,
like a machine
that lives and breathes,
flawless until it isn’t,
one until


I’ve decided I want to see how long I can keep my daily streak, because this is fun. I’ll to try to keep it creatively spiritual, quick creative free verse poem/story/stream-of-consciousness.

I am inspired by this glorious dance performed by deaf dancers as a tribute to the many-handed Goddess who is one but many. The spiritual life is like that so often to me. Why are some of us working so hard to be “the same,” to see ALL people with respect and care? Because – then you can do something really cool, because actually, we are not all the same.

As Jesus put it: this is love, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. To put aside fear AND selfish ambition, to not be lazy, to do something Really Cool. One day, I hope that we can all be friends. ❤

Have a blessed Sunday.

One thought on “Music of My Soul

  1. Hari OM
    Hear! Hear! Every one of us is unique – albeit formed of the same material and from the same source.

    So glad you are going to keep up the writing. I’ve been running three blogs on a daily basis for eight years now and if I miss a day it feels very strange indeed… so we just had four Sundays where I kept wondering what was wrong with me! Am glad to be getting back into my own routine. YAM xx

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