FF: Blinding Light

PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin


Standing too close. I
Need to step back, to pause, to breathe.
I should have fought

Your brilliant pull, like an angel.

I need to go back,
To say NO,

I already know,
What will happen.
I will reach you and
Say yes to whatever
You ask.

I can’t do
What you want me to.
I won’t.

Instead, I will
RUN and run and run and

Crash through an open door.

Get yourself together, self.
Live to fight another day.
Live to fight another day.

Thanks, Rochelle and Rowena for this week’s inspiration!

14 thoughts on “FF: Blinding Light

  1. The pull of temptation, the angelic force of giving in to it, you capture it all here, Anne. I especially like the ending: something we all catch ourselves doing, talking ourselves back from the precipice.

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