FF: After the Party

PHOTO PROMPT© Na’ama Yehuda תודה חברה שלי 

After the Party

When all is said and done, if i fail or i succeed,
i fought for what was right, so
come find me
Up on a mountain,
brothers and sisters wait
to chime the moments.

in the ashram, in the temple, in the sacred grove,
in the forever between moments,
in retreats far from
safety (I know).
we will meet (have met?)
I promise.

Close the page, set down the pen,
and speak
in the silence between words.


Unlike this picture, it is hot and stormy here in Harrisburg, PA, and my creativity is all caught up in work and long fiction. (Super inspired AND exhausted.) So, I decided to take a page out of Rochelle’s book and post a (more recent) repeat. I wrote this poem in November, in response to a totally different picture (and the uncertainty of a national election). But, it’s all my mind can think of when I see this picture. I’ll blame the <cough, cough climate change> weather. Thanks Na’ama for the prompt and Rochelle, for all you do. Hope everyone is staying safe and cool this week, wherever you are.

6 thoughts on “FF: After the Party

  1. Beautifully reflective poem, Anne.
    Such lovely images.
    And the final verse is wonderful.
    I’m left with such a feeling of peace…and hope.
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Anne,

    I love the silence between the words. Nothing wrong with posting reruns. We have heat warnings going on here today in the Midwest. ugh. Stay cool.



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