FF: Plain Ketchup

PHOTO PROMPT Ā© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


“Bet you feel proud of yourself,” Rachel says to Rob, who has finally won at debate club.

Becca slides into the booth and nods her grudging respect.

“Guess you finally got over your pun fetish,” she tells him.

Rob picks up the bottle of ketchup and sets it in front of her. “Plain ketchup.” He pauses. “Playing catch up. So, look out.”

“Did he just?” Becca asks.

“It’s a miracle,” Rachel says.

Rob points at the bottle and then gestures at himself. “Who’s salty now?”

“Ketchup is high in sodium,” Becca agrees. “But oh so tasty, like the victories I’m going to keep winning over you.”

“Bring it.”

“I will.”


This week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt reminded me of another diner-related prompt and the story I wrote for it, so I decided to continue in a similarly bad-pun sort of way. Thanks Rochelle for the prompt of your own artwork. Hope everyone has a great week.

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