FF: Feeling Salty?

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Feeling Salty?

“What did that napkin do to him?” Becca asks as she slides into the booth next to Rachel.

The two friends glance at Rob, who is busy dismembering a paper napkin. Judging from the pile of shreds, it isn’t his first victim.

“Long story,” Rachel says. “Debate club got heated today. All because of some wordplay.”

Becca picks up the salt shaker and puts it in her purse..

“What are you doing?” Rob snaps.

“Removing temptation. You’re salty enough already.”

“AHHH!” Rob screams and leaps out of the booth.

“He really hates puns,” Rachel says.

“I know. Too easy.”


This is my weekly submission for Friday Fictioneers, where we got a prompt and two for the price of one stories this week from our fearless leader Rochelle.

Hope everyone has a great week.

13 thoughts on “FF: Feeling Salty?

  1. Dear Anne,

    Rob sounds like an easy target for the Pundora and RePUNzel. You’ve clued us into Rob’s personality with the shredding of the napkin. Well done.



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