FF: Trains in Heaven


 “That answers one question.”

“What is that, dear?” asks the kind-eyed, matronly woman seated closest to me. We’re cozy in comfy chairs, watching the worlds speed by outside.

“I always wondered if there would be trains in heaven, to get us from place to place.”

“How could there not be?” she asks.

I smile, close my eyes, lay back. Maybe I’ll wake up in my hospital bed, still in pain. Maybe I really am in heaven listening to the clack of wheels instead of the beep of machines. Either way, I’m ready for whatever happens next.


I love trains. This picture brought back so many memories of time in Europe spent traveling from place to place on a train. If there is life after death, I hope it has trains. Either way, I love the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter series) image of the afterlife as a giant train station, where you get decide where to go next.

This is my post for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Brenda and Rochelle for the prompt. Hope everyone has a great week!

14 thoughts on “FF: Trains in Heaven

  1. I very much hope there are trains in heaven. I’ve always enjoyed riding them on earth, for sure. Lovely imagery and I like how you take us through this story.

  2. I believe those of you who live in Europe are far more familiar with the commuter train than we are in America. They’re still available, and I know people use them sometimes just to get down to Philly for a day of shopping or whatever. Most of us, though, like the freedom of our cars. I’m suspecting that’s going to change as the price of fuel continues to skyrocket.

  3. Anne,
    This is one helluva story. Never saw where it was headed and then it takes your breath away by keeping it wistful and real. Lovely.

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