FF: Escape Velocity

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy (An old picture he sent to me a long time ago).

Caroline sits outside her house, head in her hands, wanting to cry but she can’t. Tears ran out a long time ago.

Police lights flicker at the edges of her vision, hints of blood visible on her hands. Strange feet crunch on gravel, his body wrapped in plastic, dead.

“He’s going to kill you one day,” people told her. “If you don’t leave him.”

Now, he’s gone. Now, she’s free. It was an accident – or self defense. Definitely not murder. Definitely no crime. 

She’s free. But is she, really? Traces of blood taint her hands and her soul.


This is my weekly post for Friday Fictioneers where every week we write 100 word stories. Thanks Douglas and Rochelle for the prompt. And, thanks Rochelle for all that you do to keep this tradition alive week to week.

Have a great week, free of suspicious deaths. No matter how much that person might deserve it. 😉

10 thoughts on “FF: Escape Velocity

    1. Escape velocity means the amount of speed required to leave the gravity of a planet like earth without falling back down again. I thought of that phrase and then used it creatively to mean escaping abuse, which can be very hard. You never know what will finally help a person to really leave.

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