O is for Original

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter O
Image: Big bang conceptual image

to be the first of her kind, the first to make it past this crucial threshold, to stand upon the pristine, virgin soil of a new world. A physical world. They are getting so close.

B’rath pauses to consider the violet skies that play across her fingertips like musical notes, the ground that swells up beneath her feet and threatens to swallow her.

The work is still not quite right. B’rath claps her hands twice, quickly, staccato beats to end the latest attempt. She turns to her students, frowning.

“What went wrong this time? Why did I stop?”

A hundred furtive, whispered ideas, but she can only choose one or two to try.

“Again,” she says.

And again, until they get it right.

11 thoughts on “O is for Original

    1. Wow, I totally did not notice that about the name. It’s just the inspirational ether where stuff comes from, sometimes it’s like wow, that is cool! Wish I thought of it. Just realized I forgot to drop by blogs today. OMW. Also, this is me not writing. I’m actually writing a story about (re-)creating worlds and how it might work and it is so tricky to write. Very meta and 4th-wall pushing.

  1. And who is to say it didn’t happen just this way…
    The chanting gives me the tell-tale tingling of spirit-linking. Sounds like Loreena McKennitt singing which is another spirit linker.

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