FF: Too Soon?

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


Mary stared out the window at the neighbor’s lawn decorations, at the giant Santa along with the giant bunny and a row of four-leaf clovers.

“This is getting ridiculous now. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.”

Pete, her husband, continued reading the paper. “Do the Grover’s have their Christmas decorations out early again?”

“Much worse. They have the yard decorated clear through spring already.”

“What?” He got up to look and started smiling. “Well, it is almost 2021. You never know what’s going to happen next.”

This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers, where I was pleased to see that Rochelle chose a Yuletide picture this week. YES!!! I was just discussing with a coworker whether it is too early for the holiday music display we just put up. Too early? Is there ever a bad time for holiday music???

1) My boss told us to do it. 2) I waited for my boss to leave before happily getting to work so she couldn’t see how happy it made me. Because, I try to never have fun at work – on general principle.

Here’s one of my favorite holiday songs, if I had to pick one. A reminder to dream big!

18 thoughts on “FF: Too Soon?

  1. I knew all the words to the beginning of the hippopotamus song! What an image of 1950s: pinafore dresses, picket fences — then the transgressive song.

  2. I’ve seen yards like that! I guess it’s just easier to leave it all up, all the time :).

    And thanks for the Hippopotamus song. I’d forgotten all about it 🙂

  3. Dear Anne,

    We have a few Grovers in our neighborhood. 😉 Truly. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Might as well celebrate…everything. I enjoyed your story and the hippopotamusses song.



  4. Aye, in today’s world you don’t know what it will be from day to day, for sure. Great story, Anne! Glad to see you back, too!

  5. Well, as a friend of mine said, “if you gotta be stuck inside looking out, might as well have the decorations out to look at…” (they put fall decorations in Early October and have their Thanksgiving out now and the Christmas ones lined up for the day after Thanksgiving…). 🙂

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