Letter to God: Cryptic Much?

Hi again who or whatever you are,

Yes, some days be like that. I’m mostly writing now because that last one ended on a cryptic note. To be about as clear as stained glass, I’m not talking about my relationship with your son anymore. Because, reasons.

Also, I really didn’t – and still don’t know what multivariable calculus is, but if my brain wants to say subconsciously I *must* know, sure brain. Whatever helps you sleep easier at night. (If I can talk to God, I can also talk to my brain. Is one any weirder than the other?)

If I really want to learn something I will learn it the normal way with hard work and study and possibly Subliminal Mind Control.

This is a joke. Like the superior political party in the U.S. right now, all good jokes are blue.

Anyway, trying to keep things light, so here is a picture of my cat trying to “make a run for it” – meaning get outside so that I will go out and catch him and give him attention. I fall for it every time. One fellow feline wrangler/cat servant pointed out that if I want him to stop doing this I have to try negative reinforcement by grabbing him in a blanket so he doesn’t get cuddles. I lack the mental will for that. That face was made for cuddles!


I think you will agree with me, heavenly Father, that negative reinforcement is much easier said than done. Especially when it’s someone you really, really, really love. Love is a gazillion times scarier than death. Death means a kind of closure. Love means – oh crap, I am stuck with this person, these people forever. What if they get bored? What if they get bored and try to build a tower to heaven and try to oust God from his/her starry throne? What if a million years from now we start wanting to See Other People but there are no other people? Who the heck knows right? I still want to give it a shot. Don’t you?

See you tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I’ll let you know if I ever get bored. Thus far, bored is the one thing I’ve never been with you. Annoyed, cranky, furious, sure. Bored? Not so much. Even if I do get bored, I think that I’ve established I’m more than capable of entertaining myself. Some things never get old….

Okay, maybe not the best example….


You started it! That’s what you get for being God. No matter what it is, we get to say *you started it* – and it’s probably true. In some sense.

Next up: God’s permissive will. (Theology humor, not a serious post idea, although….) I should probably stop now. So, I will.

Love forever,

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