B is for Biromantic

 I married the woman of my dreams today. It was the perfect day, sunshine in the park, our minister a close friend who got one of those low-cost “ordinations” just to officiate for us. Everyone clapped, and it all felt so real. This is actually happening, real. Then, one of your work friends, Susan, came […]

A is for Asexual

I remember that Thursday in June when the three of us sat by the floor to ceiling window of the Starbucks on 3rd. It was crowded that day, but I could hear every word. I had a chai latte, Linda had a cappuccino, and you, Peter, had tea. “You want a three-way,” you said looking […]


Zebra What’s black and white and red all over? That’s right: me. Note to self. Do not fall asleep where little sister can get to you. Further note to self. Two words: permanent marker. Correction, make that three words: permanent, marker, and revenge.   This is my last post for the A-Z Challenge! Hope everyone […]


  Knife slices through butter with effortless grace. Scents of garlic and thyme rise from the oven Like teasing fingers, promising better to come. I watch unnoticed in a corner until, “If you’re going to stand there, you can help.” I shake my head but come anyway, As if pulled by invisible rope. If I […]


Fire ripped through the quiet night, An explosion that seared trees and rocks and Everything round for miles. Then liquid fire lapped its slow way Over the valley, Easing its way down into the ocean. In the midst of this turmoil, A single fragment survived, Stone stronger than stone, The memory of the village that […]


Once a week for a year, we said. I for one have kept my promise. Lingering over cooling tea, hand over my cup, Shaking my head at the waitress. A young couple laughs as they walk by, cheek to cheek. I try not to take it personally. (I know it isn’t personal.) I can’t help […]


View Gorgeous the way the buildings sit like Many colored blocks atop the ridge outside My new home, like curtains open to mountains beyond. There’s a comforting noise and bustle to the place, Children laughing and shouting as they play, Playful breezes that linger a while to stay. Sometimes in the chill of the morning […]


Scraps of clothing left discarded on the floor of An empty house. The silence that follows after we tell you The truth. A moment in time when the world seems to Stop. Words you will never be able to Say. Plans you will never be able to Make. Falling down down down into the future […]


Okay, this is extremely free verse poetry. =D But – not really. I had a poem I was going to post today for the A-Z Challenge, but I really don’t like it because it’s dark and depressing and cynical. Trust me. It’s bad. Tomorrow, more poetry as promised. Okay, one Annie knockoff (I already did […]


Tranquil waters lap at my ankles, as I stir with my feet, while Red and gold of eternally setting and rising suns paint Universes of incomparable loveliness in my mind. Your hand quests for mine, quietly warm, seeking. I lean closer, twine my fingers in yours, thinking of Many waters coming together as one. On […]