Celebrate the Small Things 

It’s Friday again and another week has past. It’s time to celebrate. This week I’m celebrating typing The End to a novel draft, the chance to spend time with family, and some rare good weather apart from the heat and rain. In between the occasional thunderstorm and 90+ temps it’s been super pleasant. I have […]

Friday Fictioneers: Letter in a Bottle

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields This is my submission for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. To read more stories and add your own, click on the blue froggy. …….. Letter found in a bottle: When I feel completely, utterly alone, you’re there. You don’t always quiet the storm. You don’t always make me feel […]

Celebrate the Small Things

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to Celebrate the Small Things. This week, I’m trying really hard to stay positive and it’s been hard. I’ve been listening to Kill ‘Em With Kindness, a Selena Gomez song, on replay, and reading A Course in Miracles and Marianne Williamson’s commentary on the same. Negativity is so […]

Friday Fictioneers: Not Again..

get the InLinkz code This is my submission for Friday Fictioneers, the weekly blog hop where we share flash fiction of 100 words or less. To read more stories or add your own click the blue froggy. My story is below: Not Again…. This is the third time this month that I’ve had to call […]

Celebrate the Small Things

This is my weekly blog post for Celebrate the Small Things. I have to be honest, with recent events, I’m finding it hard to celebrate. I’m not sure why but the attack on Nice is especially unsettling to me. I can’t even fathom it. So, I want to pause for just a second and pray […]

Celebrate the Small Things

This is Friday and that means it is time to Celebrate the Small Things, as part of a weekly blog hop led by Lexa Cain. This week, I have to be honest – I am exhausted. Between the 4th of July and my birthday and a couple other things I’m just simply wrung out – […]

IWSG: Your Words Made a Difference

This is the first Wednesday in July and therefore it is time to post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where once a month we have this wonderful blog hop to share insecurities, tips, encouragement on the writing journey. This month, the group is asking us all a question: what is the best thing that […]

Celebrate the Small Things

It’s Friday, and that means time for another post of Celebrate the Small Things. This week, I’m celebrating some gorgeous weather, lots of writing done and writing goals met, and starting July Camp NaNoWriMo – and the second book in a planned trilogy. Still rocking this great Twitter writing group too, and seriously it is […]