Friday Fictioneers: StorkCart or Not StorkCart?


This is my weekly submission for Friday Fictioneers, where once a week we write 100-word stories in response to a photo prompt. This story is inspired by the fact that in my (possibly crazy) mind the underwater shopping carts looked kind of like they could have stork legs and what if they were, what if the carts were alive and currently resting, waiting for groceries?

After that, my thoughts just got weirder… Albeit not quite as weird as the daily reality of what’s actually going on in the world.

StorkCart or Not StorkCart?

Text from an intergalactic billboard:

Tired of pushing around boring old shopping carts? Try StorkCart, the only cart designed to snatch up your groceries and bring them to your vehicle of choice.
StorkCart – from the makers of VacuCat

Text from an adjacent billboard:

BAN STORKCART NOW! StorkCart stole my baby! StorkCart gave me someone else’s baby. StorkCart stole my VacuCat. For these and other true stories about the horrors of StorkCart, visit Then, write your local galactic representative and urge them to Say Yes to Proposition 451.
-Paid for by Citizens for a Cleaner Tomorrow

8 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: StorkCart or Not StorkCart?

  1. I love this, hilarious and well done. I, too, thought about birds with long legs when I first looked at the picture. I’d love to have one of those, and a VacuCat.

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