Celebrate the Small Things

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Here’s my post for Celebrate the Small Things, where every Friday we celebrate our accomplishments for the week, and I have to be honest, it has been a while – and I’m kind of wiped this week.

My dad just got out of the hospital again and is in rehab, which is something to celebrate as – long story short, our family is mostly glad he got to the hospital because he gave us a bit of a scare.

Writing is going well. I have done a few small pieces for little drips of money (but every little bit helps!) and am now working on finishing a draft for a novel I started years ago and unearthed while trying to decide what to do for NaNo. Also, I’ve been going to the gym regularly.

The kittens are doing well and making me smile daily with their antics. Funny story. I had to have a plumber in to fix the kitchen drain and while he was here and I was waiting I decided to put the kittens in the bedroom so they would not be underfoot. Meanwhile, I got on the phone to check on my dad.

Somehow, while I was on the phone the kittens got out of the bedroom – they are so adorable and persistent, I just want to … cuddle them sometimes. And because the plumber was here doing interesting things, they decided it would be fun to climb into the cabinet under the sink. I watched them do it and decided that I’d gt them out of there as soon as I was done on the phone, so I closed the doors.

The phone call dragged on a bit longer than I thought it would and next thing I know I hear the plumber screaming! Well, it as a very masculine and manly scream. 😉 For the rest of his time there, he kept telling me that was a “really good joke.” He didn’t believe me that it was an accident, that I was just a really horrible pet owner at my wits end, because I couldn’t pick them both up when I was on the phone and God only knows what kinds of crazy hijinks they would be up to in a minute once they were done with the sink.


Anyway, I told this story to my family afterward and they agreed that they would not have believed me either that it had been an accident.

What do you think? How has your week been?



5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things

  1. Scared by two little kittens! He’ll never live it down. I hope your dad continues to improve and you sell more writing. Good luck with the old NaNo project & have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. That’s cute about the kittens. He’ll probably be telling that story to everyone he knows. I’m glad your dad is improving and I hope he continues to make progress. Good luck with your writing! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

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