MFTS: The Last Trumpet(?)


My second entry for Monday’s Finish the Story – sorry so long between entries but life and blogging and then life again has been a tad crazy.


The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.

Now, at last, was the moment when God would come to deliver them all. The world would be at peace. Gabriel lifted his trumpet, prepared to sound his final call.

Meanwhile, Gary, the captain of the ferry Angel Flame, well, he rolled his eyes. Ever since he had made the decision to start ferrying the occasional tourist group, he had gotten some strange ones. This last group, with their long white robes and (what he hoped were) ceremonial swords, they were definitely the weirdest.

“All aboard,” the captain said, focusing his attention to the controls, prepared to leave port.

If only he had known the world really was about to come to an end, well, maybe Captain Gary would have taken his passengers a bit more seriously. Then again, maybe not. I guess now we’ll never know.

12 thoughts on “MFTS: The Last Trumpet(?)

  1. Funny take on the end of the world. I get the sense that Captain Gary wouldn’t have taken them more seriously, he strikes me as a no-nonsense kinda guy. Nice work 🙂

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