Friday Fictioneers: Two Steps Forward

c2a9tales_from_the_motherlandCopyright – Dawn Q. Landau

Some days he knows he will make it. Other days he wants to give in.

The Maze is endless, miles of hedge and stone, but at the end waits a prize beyond all imagining.

At last. A white sign reads, “Two more steps until you claim the prize.”

Tentatively, he puts one foot forward. The ground gives way beneath his feet: quicksand, the final trap. He steps back, circles around, and enters the hidden door. On the other side

He enters the Maze. He remembers only that the Maze is endless. At the end, a prize beyond all imagining waits.


Okay skipped a week, mostly due to burnout from juggling several flaming swords at once. Sort of. This is my weekly entry for Friday Fictioneers, where every week we get together and write 100 word stories. To join in, click the link above!


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Two Steps Forward

  1. I love the way this story comes around a full cycle. It brings to mind a few things, such as the futility of people chasing glittering, out-of-reach prizes, or how they trap themselves in repeat behaviour and can’t find their way out. You’ve succeeded in writing a never-ending story that could be 100 words long or stretch into infinity.

    1. Thanks Sarah! And yeah, that’s part of what I like about writing – or completing any project, however “imperfect.” Being able to say – here it is. Moving on. Writing about someone who can’t is kind of wickedly cathartic.

  2. I picture Indiana Jones looking for his treasure–no matter what it takes. I would not go into that endless maze. I really like this premise. Very smart interpretation of the prompt. Well done, my dear. Lucy

  3. Dear Anne,

    One of those flaming swords fell and burned away the period from the end of the last sentence of your second to the last paragraph…or did you intend that it be that way? Sisyphus revisited. Reminds me of reading Friday Fictioneer stories around about 90 or so. Well done.



  4. Dear Anne, This sounds like an episode of “The Twilight Zone” from years ago. Creepy and makes my skin crawl. He’s right – the maze is endless. Excellent! Nan 🙂

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