Grab the world by the edge and tear open a hole,
Like opening a book. Peel aside the world you think
You know, the world you think you see. Reveal
Another world, a darker and deeper one. Good.

Step through the frayed edges of stray imagination,
Fears and hopes dripping on barren earth. Nightmares
Watch from the corners of your dreams, the
Only escape from the world in a world you made, are
Making, will make. Come closer. Tiptoe farther.

Don’t turn around, don’t look back, when the
Dried parchment of your former life crackles
Bends and warps, retreating into itself, into
Unreality, the opposite of where you stand now,
Are now, will always be now. Here. In this place,
With us, with me, in your real home.

Friday Fictioneers: Two Steps Forward

c2a9tales_from_the_motherlandCopyright – Dawn Q. Landau

Some days he knows he will make it. Other days he wants to give in.

The Maze is endless, miles of hedge and stone, but at the end waits a prize beyond all imagining.

At last. A white sign reads, “Two more steps until you claim the prize.”

Tentatively, he puts one foot forward. The ground gives way beneath his feet: quicksand, the final trap. He steps back, circles around, and enters the hidden door. On the other side

He enters the Maze. He remembers only that the Maze is endless. At the end, a prize beyond all imagining waits.


Okay skipped a week, mostly due to burnout from juggling several flaming swords at once. Sort of. This is my weekly entry for Friday Fictioneers, where every week we get together and write 100 word stories. To join in, click the link above!