Friday Fictioneers: The View Up Here


PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Here she was at last: her first cross-country flight, from Merrill Field to a small airstrip outside Anchorage. Halfway thru, Sarah saw a round saucer-shaped ship cruising along at her 9 o’clock, noiseless and invisible to her controls. Sarah wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands, and looked again. There was nothing there.

“I am never telling anyone about that.”

“About what?” her flight instructor asked. She still had him on speaker, of course.

“How unbelievably…great this view is.”

“Roger that. See you in a few. Unless the aliens get you first.”


“Just kidding.”

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The View Up Here

  1. I wonder if that was just a little joke from the instructor or if he’s seen something too, but is afraid to admit it! At least she didn’t panic and crash the plane.

  2. Dear Anne,
    You have captured the deadpan pragmatism of pilots who have learned to keep their lips buttoned no matter what they think they’ve seen. Good job.

  3. Dear Anne, Great story and I bet that pilots see more than they are willing to admit. If you say something – you own it for all time. In your story, I think the instructor knew about the flying saucer. Cute! Nan 🙂

  4. Anne, Maybe it was Captain Kirk in the Enterprise who’s gone back in time. That was a humorous and well-written story. I can believe that pilots see things they don’t report. Who knows? Well done. 🙂 —Susan

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