Friday Fictioneers: Up From the Ashes

Photo Prompt courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, brave leader of Friday Fictioneers, where every week we write 100-word stories. Ready to give it a whirl? Click the link below to share your story with the world! Up From the Ashes “I never thought I would live to see this day. When things were at their worst, […]


Gazing through   Memories of        the past. What happens in Venice stays,     Cool Umbria nights        Hot Siena days. Red and browns and greens,   Swirling champagne, ruby red wine       Goes down so sweetly Like ghosts of a future past.

Wonderful Wednesdays: Pulsars

Image from the Hubble telescope, pulled from Wikipedia. Ever since high school, I have always been intrigued by Pulsars. As we learned all those many (I won’t say how many) years ago, pulsars are a special kind of neutron star, one which emits a highly-concentrated pulse of radiation detectable from light years away. The scientists […]

IWSG: That Time Again

Hard to believe but it is September already and the First Wednesday of the Month strikes again. Time to bare our hearts and souls – well, a little bit anyway, as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. There never seems to be enough time to write. Writing novels seems to be very addictive to […]


loneliness lingerson the rim of     my glass,falls shattered  through my fingers,pools white and clear   like milk. don’t lie don’t even cry   for what i never had.emptiness would be better.nothing would be better. all the things we say:   so nice to see you.   so sorry for your    loss.   we’re here. always here.   never thereagain.