Throwback Thursdays: You Remind Me of the Babe

What babe, you ask? Why, the the babe with the power of course!


You know you want to sing along – again. 😉

Recently, I was watching Labyrinth (for the nth time) the latest and greatest from puppeteer Jim Henson. Gasp, the greatest? I know, I loved the Muppets too. I even saw the 2011 film (though I still haven’t seen The Muppets Most Wanted.)


Aw… Kermie-Wermie… I wuv you too!

There’s something special about Labyrinth, though. Watching Labyrinth always makes me feel safe. It reminds me of a time when I felt safe – in the midst of anything but safety. It has been called a kind of adolescent dream and that’s exactly what it is to me: a reminder of a time when I was told (admittedly by my t.v.) that it is okay to feel conflicted. We all make mistakes and sometimes we’re not sure which way to go next, because sometimes the doors are invisible and sometimes the doors magically move around.

No matter how crazy things may get and how badly I mess things up, one day I will make my way to the Fortress of the Goblin King. And when I do, I will tell him: …. (What is that line again?)

Darn it. I must be getting old and forgetful in my old(er) age. But I still love this movie!

Wonderful Wednesdays: We Are All Connected

I have decided to *try* blogging every day, with a theme for each day. (We’ll see how long this lasts!) And Wednesday is going to be my day to talk about something real but at the same time wonderful and magic.

Today, I want to talk about these moments of Synchronicity, the feeling that what happens in one part of the world somehow, inexplicably affects what happens on the other.

Some will think of scientifically verifiable terms terms like parallel evolution while others may think of those pyramids found – and at times found at risk – outside Egypt. We are all human and we all face the same problems, and often we solve them in the same ways without ever realizing we are doing so.

It has been almost a month since I left St. Louis, Missouri, but I know what racism is and my prayers are with those impacted by the tragic death of Mike Brown. As I thought about the sneaking, unspoken forms of modern-day racism, I thought how sometimes words are not enough. Paternalism is alive and well. Sometimes, deep down, we know it too. False kindness can be the worst, leaving soul-deep bruises on victims who wonder – a little – if they are wrong to feel hurt when they are being treated so well – by someone so much greater than they are….

I’ve been there. I know how that feels.

Truth is, the deep down truth is – we are all connected.

All over the world, the little kindnesses matter. Taking the time to carry someone’s burden or to give money to someone in need. Sometimes we can be so cynical, but every day I see how decent people are.  Every time I see it, especially in the smallest of ways, I thank God – as I perceive God – for that tiny blessing.

So that’s my wonderful topic for the day. We are all connected.