IWSG: Nothing Personal – But….



Way, way back in undergrad, in my very first creative writing class, we were given a series of biographical essays so that we could confront “the auto-biographical impulse.” For (haha) personal reasons, I hate self-disclosure. This is sometimes why I do it too – like lancing a wound. Then, hopefully, it will heal over – and I can pretend not to exist or have feelings anymore. Yeah, not a great idea – but there it is.

Long story really short…I’ve decided to trim off the rest of what I’d previously said. I don’t think it was inappropriate sharing exactly, just not entirely appropriate.

On a happy note, I submitted 3 short stories to different markets last month. Still no word back. Also, I’ve successfully moved from St. Louis back to Harrisburg, PA. Yay, me.

3 thoughts on “IWSG: Nothing Personal – But….

  1. Sounds like stuff I’d like to read. I can’t write short stories to save my life, but there is some fiction I sort of prefer short–horror in particular, but speculative fits well here, too. I think it’s a good idea.

  2. It’s like therapy, it can help. Same as writing on your blog, especially when part of a writers’ group. No writer, or human being in general, can go at it alone. Good luck with the shorts!

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