Friday Fictioneers: Time Wounds all Heals


Photo prompt by: B.W. Beacham

My response to the weekly writing prompt at Friday Fictioneers. An InLinkz Link-up.

Time Wounds All Heals

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, General

In and out, the waves work to erase all trace of the flood, of the road, of the place where his wife, his beloved Yoko once stood. No one could have predicted the unseasonable rain last night, or the flash floods that followed. Even if she had known, Yoko was never one to heed words like never drive through running water.

You never know how deep it will be.

In another year, the shore will be pristine, stripped clean – no sign of the devastation.

John falls to his knees by the shore and weeps.

21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Time Wounds all Heals

  1. This is an interesting response to the prompt.
    Since I’m new to the Friday Fictioneers, what I’m really appreciating as I read the posts is the varied and fascinating points of view and differences in approach to one singular prompt. Very interesting and inspiring as well.

    I’ve enjoyed your response and am curious about the play on words in the title. This alone makes me wonder more about the scenario you have staged and the relationship between the two principle characters – certainly leaves me wondering and wanting more of a “back story.” Well done 🙂

    1. Thanks Patricia! That is so ironic you say that. I hardly ever write mainstream fiction and this is my second time doing Friday Fictioneers. It’s the first time I’ve written flash fiction with no backstory whatsoever in mind, thinking this is it – no more need be said. The title is something I’ve been wanting to use for a while. I know a lot of people have twists on that old saying and how it *really* does not describe the grief process well, at all – and the picture just clicked with that.
      That’s another thing I’m finding great about this challenge. I’m starting to feel like I’m writing story pitches and I didn’t even know it. 🙂 Thanks!

      1. Well it’s always an adventure and a path or road that can lead to the unpredictably predictable? I guess that’s the amazing thing about it all – we are able to step out of our comfort zone and ideas and wander freely – hopefully challenging ourselves and learning something new along the way 🙂


  2. A lot of people have been there, I know. Floods are devastating. A new ballad of John and Yoko.
    BTW, the phrase Time Wounds All Heels was popularized, if not invented, by a radio comedy writer in the 1930’s named Goodman Ace. Actually, it was his wife on the radio show who coined it since she was good at malaprops. Nice work.

    1. Thanks for that! I actually looked it up before using it for a title just to make sure it didn’t mean anything I’d regret saying later – and saw it’s association with John Lennon… My mom’s name was Yoko and she died recently (cancer – nothing interesting like a flood) so I changed the names I had in there at first, just cuz. (I only even know about John and Yoko – before my time – because every now and again people would be like oh, like Yoko Ono.) Thanks for filling that out even more though. Cheers!

  3. A cautionary tale for what still happens during flash floods. I too was going to call it a new ballad of John and Yoko but I see Kent beat me to it. However your explanation clarifies the story behind the names used.

  4. Anne, Good story. Very sad but realistic as these things happen. Most people need time to grieve. Everyone should recognize and respect that. Well written. You did well with this genre. 🙂


  5. Another story with one or more layers underneath the obvious story. There are some who won’t listen and are washed away, literally (as in the case of people in places like Arizona who go in arroyos when it’s raining upstream) or figuratively, as in so many lives. Good job!


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