It’s an old story, old perhaps as time. My world changed the day we met and I can never quite figure out how. Mom pressured me to go spend time with you, because “you never know how long you’ll have.” I hated the smell, the cloying perfume and flowers, the crowded collection of photos and […]


One day, you will know how it feels to be the Outcast, The one whispered and tittered about, as you walk the gauntlet of public opinion on the way to class, or your job, or whatever. One day you’ll know how that feels, but You will never know how it feels to speed across deserts, […]


You are the only person I ever knew who kept a pet raven. The black lipstick and nail polish were nice, sexy even, but the raven? That was just weird. I love Edgar Allen Poe. You love Edgar Allen Poe. I don’t love the extra money I’d have to pay for rent if you and […]

Entryway & Happy IWSG Day!

Entryway 5000 people a year. Every spring a crowd would gather on the muddy cobblestone street where the pale gray door sat waiting to open. Some brought whole families, and some brought hope. For exactly 5000 people a year, the door would creak silently open and they, and only they, could see it happen. No […]

Cats Can

Remember the time when we were trying to break into the house because someone (clear throat) forgot her keys again, even though she swore she wouldn’t forget – just saying. We decided to wait outside and while we were outside talking you also lost your hat (it really wasn’t your day.) You went to chase […]

T is for The Cross

For today’s A-Z Challenge post, I’ve decided to write something a little different. Possible trigger warning due to non-graphic reference to a violent act. The Cross I nearly died. Only 13 years old, you left me for dead by the railroad tracks, where no one could hear my screams. How could you know I would […]