FF: F is for Friends

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Title: True Love

I’ve finally figured out what true love is. It’s opening up the refrigerator door at work and finding a wrapped sandwich with your name on it.

At first, you’re mad. Whoever stole your sandwich yesterday decided to rewrap it and put it back? Then, you open it and find a fresh sandwich, just the way you like it, and a note: “sorry some jerk took your lunch yesterday.” Then turning around to find your best coworker-friend watching with a soft smile.

I don’t care what you say. That’s true love.


This is my Thursday entry for A-Z and my story for Friday Fictioneers. Hope everyone has a great day/week/month/year. A shout out to friends and especially coworker friends everywhere, especially mine where I work, because they are awesome.

9 thoughts on “FF: F is for Friends

  1. Dear Anne,

    One of my best friends is someone I met through work. She and I’ve been through many tribulations together and still call each other BFF years after our retirements. Sweet story.



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