L is for Letters

Among love letters found on a bulletin board, I find this one:

Dear Lou,

Remember when people said we were gay, and we used to pretend that we were? I wanted to marry you, as others did, a queer platonic partnership is the new-fangled term. But you said no, you couldn’t do that to me. I wasn’t gay, and you weren’t straight, and it wouldn’t be a “real marriage.”

I wish they had marriage for friends, some way to acknowledge a friend as close enough to a new spouse that they should have visiting rights, the chance to say goodbye.

I love you so much, my friend. And I am so angry at you, because – I blame you, God, I blame you for not giving me the chance to have a chance to tell you goodbye to your face.


P.S. If you pull this down, because it’s not technically a love letter, I will find you, and I will make you regret it. Don’t.


For L, I figured I’d go with asexual love letters. In this story, I decided to write about “queer platonic partnerships” – relationships between two non-straight people who don’t quite fit into any category but want a “life partner” anyway. Platonic refers to the non-sexual aspect of the partnerships.

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