Z is for Zenith

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Z

The day is bittersweet for Lesha as she stands by the Harlem River near dawn, near the old navy yards.

Today’s the day she gets to return “home,” to leave the city which has been her home away from home for many long, almost-human years.

By this time, she’s more than “earned her wings.” She’s watched dreams come true, and she’s watched evil people prosper from the pain of others.

Now, it is time to return home, to meet some of the people she knows in her heart she helped while she was here on earth.

Eyes cast up to heaven, she crosses her human-like arms across her human-like chest.

“I am ready, God. Take me back.”

In heaven, the souls of many await her return, to see her again, this time knowing exactly who has blessed them – and why.

7 thoughts on “Z is for Zenith

  1. Hari OM
    awwww… I am so glad that we had Lesha to end the series as it started!

    Congrats on reaching the zenith of the alphabet – I look forward to reading regular posts from you, with all the zest and zing I have come to expect! YAM xx

  2. Nice way to end, coming back to Lesha and seeing her journey come full circle. Well done on managing a new story everyday, and making it to the end 🙂

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